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Web Design Program
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Modern Web Design
Obtain your Certificate of completion in Web Design

20 hours
Registration fee:      
$35 CDN
Tuition fee:            
$964 + HST
Teachers notes
Certificate offered: Certificate of completion adopted by CCE

Web Design

Courses in Program:
This program is intended for students who are not familiar or have just a little knowledge of web building concept.

Introduction to HTML
Introduction to CSS
Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
Creating a blog
Javascript Functions overview
Working with WordPress / Kompozer or other program

How to use FTP and Upload your files(update your website)
Project (real website)
Design layouts

Total instruction hours: 20 hours
In class instructions: 18 hours
Project completion: 2 hours
Upon successful completion of the program you will receive your certificate of completion adopted by CCE.
All above courses offered as a package = $970 + HST no extra cost.

Course Description:
Introduction to HTML

This course is designed for students with little to no working knowledge of creating HTML files by hand. If students want to learn HTML from scratch or move beyond using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing tool, this is the ideal class. Students will be introduced to the structure of HTML documents, good mark-up techniques, and the concept of validation. Students will be required to use a plain text editor to write HTML and use an FTP program to upload the pages to the Internet. Functional topics will include text formatting, using lists, tables, and a brief introduction to CSS.

Introduction to CSS
In this course, students will be introduced to the concepts, techniques, properties, and values of CSS, in a progressive sequence that reflects a typical building up of design rules. Students will first start with colors, since in many cases the colors selected for a site project will be dictated by the organization's existing color scheme. Color is also the simplest part of CSS, so it is a great place to get started. Students will then learn how to control typography using text and font properties. Typographical styles are important to establish before designing the layout of content areas because the size and spacing of the text will help define the size of the content sections. Students will then explore the layout-oriented styles of CSS, including margins, padding, and absolute and relative positioning. Once students have established a layout, they can apply the finishing touches on their design, which might include customizing cursors, links, and forms, creating alternate style sheets, and many other techniques.

JavaScript application
Course Description: This course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic Web pages using JavaScript. JavaScript is using to turn static XHTML pages into dynamic, interactive Web pages. Students will learn the syntax of the JavaScript language and manipulate the script to fulfill their demands in creating interactive WebPages. How client-side scripts interact with server-side programs. Students will eventually work with script programming and functions. They will learn how to embed JavaScript code inside the HTML text.
Course Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and knowledge of HTML.

MySQL Database
Structured Query Language (SQL) is a very important data manipulation language. It is used in many different types of DBMS such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. In this course, students will learn how to use MySQL to retrieve, store or update data in Microsoft Access. The SQL syntax and data types may be different in other databases but students would manage to learn them very quickly once they have the foundation of knowledge gained from this SQL course. Weekly lectures provide practical examples, illustration images, and detailed explanations. Weekly assignments will help students practice and go beyond what they have learned in the class.

PHP Programming
Course Description: In this course students learn the foundation of PHP program. PHP is one the most important and usable language of today’s website creation. It is a cross-platform scripting language that is particularly well-suited to modern web development. Students will learn how to set PHP up on a server and then how to interact with the server.  

Notice: The Canada College of Education (CCE) is an independent training provider and is not associated with Private Career Colleges (PCC) or any other organization, and its activities are not sanctioned by PCC. CCE does not provide accreditation program.
CCE provides modern and high quality training for today's job market and help students to find a respected job with reasonable pay.

Is CCE Registered under Human Resources and Development of Canada (HRDC)?
Yes, CCE is registered under HRDC and you may be eligible for some tax deduction.

The HST tax will be applied to all computer courses.

web design

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