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International Students - Quick Admission
The Quick Admission is a method used by Canada College of Education to facilitate the process of admission with a low cost. By this method any student can apply for admission directly and quickly. Students can also apply through their agents. We work with agents in different countries.
International students - How to apply for admission:

Getting admission from Canada College of Education is really easy. You can apply for a study permit or just renew your student study permit (visa).

You can deposit your tuition fee in advance. If for any reason your study permit is denied by immigration Canada (CIC), we will refund your tuition fee (if any) minus all bank charges only by showing a refusal letter from CIC. (For those who paid by credit card, there will be 3% deduction from the amount of refund to cover cost of credit charge). Please note that $125 non-refundable admission fee will not be refunded.

You may pay just $125 nonrefundable admin fee and minimum one month in advance so when you come to Canada pay 3 months of your tuition fee ($1680) then pay monthly fee($560)!

Procedures for obtaining a study permit or renewing your visa:
1- Deposit a $125 non-refundable admission fee (please note that because the bank charges us $15 for processing fees, you will need to deposit $140 CDN). You may deposit full or partial tuition fee for few months in advance (an option), however will demanding a $125 nonrefundable admin fee and minimum one month of tuition fee ($560 per four weeks).
2- Scan and email us a copy of your passport (only the first page)
3- Scan and email us a passport size photo.
4- download below two files(registration form , CIC Consent & Refund policy) fill in and send it to us with your amount.

How can I pay my tuition or admission fee?
* You can pay by a credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD), you need to sign and send us an authorization form.

Methods of Payment:

International and Canadian Students can pay by one of these methods: $CDN
Los estudiantes internacionales así como los canadienses pueden pagar por uno de los siguientes métodos:

1-Cash for local students (in person Registration)

2- Cheques:
Cheque (personal or Business cheque) for local students only, payable to "Canada College of Education Inc.

3-Debit Card, Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARD). If International students want to pay by credit card, they need to fill in the authorization form. the

4- Bank Draft or International Money Order
Mail it to: Canada College of Education
180 Bloor Street West, suite 1102, Toronto, ON, M5S 2V6

1-Efectivo (en persona en las instalaciones del colegio)

2- Cheques (personal o de negocio)
Sólo estudiantes locales a nombre de : "Canada College of Education Inc."

3-Tarjeta de Débito , Crédito (VISA o MASTER CARD). Si se es estudiante internacional y se desea pagar con tarjeta de crédito, se debe descargar la siguiente forma:

4- Enviar Letra bancaria u Orden de envío de dinero Internacional a:
Canada College of Education
180 Bloor Street West, suite 1102, Toronto, ON, M5S 2V6

We prefer (Cash, Personal or business cheques, debit Cards).

How long does it take to receive a letter of admission?
Shortly after we receive all documents we will email the letter of admission.
There will be an extra of $175, if you want the hard copy of the letter of admission to be sent to you (by Fedex or other courriers). There will be $55 charge for shipping & services, if delivered within Canada.

At CCE the international students or visitors are paying the same tuition fee as Canadian students

Entering University: We help students to choose a suitable institution among the reputable universities in Toronto to study their desired subjects. We provide IELTS, CELPIP and TOEFL Preparation courses and help students to pass tests and obtain high score that required for entering university.

-- International students who are residing in Canada and do not want an admission letter will NOT be charged nonrefundable admission fee.

The Government of Canada does not pay for the medical expenses of foreign students. Students at CCE can get low cost insurance while they are enrolled at Canada College. We just introduce insurance company to our students but we do not have benefit from it. It is mandatory to have insurance prior to start your class.

Home - Stay
When you get accepted by Canada Immigration, CCE can help you to find a safe and affordable home-stay in Toronto. You need to call us to reserve a Home Stay for you.

Students are responsible for daily transportation. CCE will not provide transportation for students.

Attendance policy

Group lessons
Students are responsible for their attendance. Students who are registered for a group class cannot reschedule, cancel or modify their enrolment.  It is the student’s responsibility to attend classes. There will be no makeup classes for missing hours or any sort of compensation or class extension.  Students should not ask to attend some part of the course and then attend another part at another time schedule.

Private Lessons
Students who are registered for private lessons may be able to reschedule or modify their schedules provided they give 24 hours advance notification. Failure to provide notice prior to the class schedule will result in an hour deduction in the student’s account. How long can I hold my private lessons active? if you register for 12 hours you must completed it in 12 weeks (from day of registration), if you register for 24 hours you need to complete your study in 24 weeks. Each hour corresponds a week. We do not hold your classes for ever.

Semi Private Lessons
Students who are registered in semi private lessons must attend classes together. If one student attends a class while the other is absent then there will NOT be any make up class or refund for the missing class or classes. Students must notify administration 24 hours prior to their appointment if they want to modify schedule or cancel a session of studies. the limit to complete the course is the same as private lessons policy.


Trial Lessons
The first class will be considered a trial lesson. Students may choose to withdraw from the class with a full refund of their tuition fees after the first class if it does not meet your expectations. In order to qualify for a full refund, you must notify administration immediately after the first lesson. Students who contact administration late will not be able to receive a refund. In addition, there will be no refund for the one-time $35 registration fee. The $35 CDN non-refundable registration fee applies only once, as long as you are studying at CCE you will never have to pay any registration fees again!

Dispute Resolution Policy
Sometimes a disagreement or dispute may arise between students or students and CCE. In the event of a dispute between a student and CCE, the student may follow the Dispute Resolution Policy as outlined below:

Step 1: The dispute must be brought immediately to the attention of a CCE Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator will then facilitate a cooperative dialogue with the student in order to clarify student concerns and arrive at a reasonable solution. If a reasonable solution is not reached after this, see Step 2.

Step 2: A meeting with the Program Director must be scheduled within one week of the initial meeting in Step 1.  The student and the Program Director will meet in order to attempt to reach a reasonable solution.  If this step has not proven successful then, see Step 3.

Step 3: If the meeting with the Program Director remains unsuccessful then the student will be asked to submit a written complaint. The Program Director will consider the complaint and respond in writing, outlining a solution within five business days.

Step 4: If Step 3 is not accepted by the student then a mediator, approved by both parties, will assist in resolving the issue.  If the mediator find the student‘s demand is not reasonable, then the student must pay all associated cost for the school.

Note: The Canada College of Education will communicate the mechanism of any decision to the student or his/her representative in writing.

Canadian students who have taken part time, full time or private lessons course(s) can ask for a refund only on the first session (first class attendance), not a day or days after the first session. Later on, the refund will not be granted.
International students who are applying from outside or within Canada and granted a study permit will not be refunded under any circumstances. If any tuition fee is paid in advance, it will be refunded only when the student submits a refusal letter from immigration Canada. Other arguments such as: student did NOT apply for immigration or any extra claims will NOT be accepted. In other words, we ONLY accept the refusal letter from (CIC) immigration Canada. As soon as a student is granted with a study permit, whether he/she comes to Canada or not, there will be no refund.

If you have applied for less than 6 months and you obtained a "Letter of Admission" from CCE, you will not be eligible for any form of refunds.

Transfer: International and local students can transfer from other schools to CCE using low tuition fee and receive a letter of admission for immigration purposes. The tuition fees are non-transferable.

Students register with discount package &
Dismissal student will not be eligible for refund.

International students who wish to change different schools will have to notify us 30 days prior to departure. The first month of study will be non-refundable.

If you want to withdraw from (CCE), then the College will require a proof that your VISA status is lawful. You must show a Boarding Pass if you are leaving Canada earlier than anticipated. Alternatively, if you are attending another academic institution, you are required to re-apply for a new study permit and you must provide CCE with valid documentations to demonstrate your eligibility to stay in Canada. Students who have applied through an agent need to contact the agent for any possible refund.

Cancellation after start date

% Program Completed % Unused Tuition Refunded
Up to 10
Up to 40
After 40
  1. Full fees are refunded if for any reason the course is not conducted by the College(course cancelled).
  2. A minimum of 5 weeks is needed for the processing of refunds.
  3. No interest is paid on any refund payments.
  4. No refunds are due where students have postponed the start of their course in Canada.
  5. All refunds are made subject to the prior approval of school board.

Please note that in case of refund, we will deduct a bank transfer charge and other applicable fees from the student tuition amount.

Method of refund: We usually will write a cheque (check) for local students (student residing in Toronto) and for international student we will use method of "Wire Transferred" payment. You need to provide us all banking information including swift number. If you paid by credit cards, we will deduct 3% from total tuition fee to cover cost of “charge and charge back” for POS Machine.

Canada College of Education reserves the right to modify courses, programs and policies without advance notice and at its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend or cancel any program or course if enrolment number is deemed insufficient or for other reasons. For international students, the refund will only be made if their Visa denied by Canadian embassy, otherwise no withdraw or cancellation will be made after visa has granted. Please note: A $125 non-refundable admission fee applies to International students who want a letter of admission. International students who do NOT need the letter of admisssion will not be charged an admission fee.

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