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CCE is a TEST CENTER in Toronto for TEF/TEFaQ

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Center of TEF Examination in Toronto

TEF Test Location (Here at our Center - We are Test Center in Toronto)


We teach all components of TEF/TEFaQ preparation course at Canada College of Education in City of Toronto!

IRCC Acceptable Documents:
• Test d’Évaluation de Français (TEF) (in French only); or
• Test d’Évaluation de Français adapté au Québec (TEFAQ) (in French only) or
TEF épreuves orales – a two-skills (listening and speaking) version of the TEF

The TEFaQ consists of two sections, but you can add two other optional parts: written comprehension and written expression

Oral comprehension (Listening)
60 Questions
40 minutes
Oral Expression (Speaking)
2 Topics
35 minutes

TEF Test consists of Reading, Listening, Grammar Mandatory and Written expression and Oral expression as an option.

TEFaQ /TEF course preparation and Fee:
Note: if you do not speak French you need to take regular French classes, Then register for TEFAQ or TEF Program.

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16 hours TEF / TEFAQ preparation (4 hrs extra working on weakness)
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20 hours TEF / TEFAQ preparation (8 hrs extra working on weakness)
Now $949
5 hours Crash Course (Quick review before exam)
12 hours TEFAQ/TEF at school or by SKYPE

Note: for the above courses you need to be at level B1 in French language. if your level is basic then you may need to register for general French classes (fulltime or part-time)

Taxes: $0.00
Students who have completed the TEFAQ/TEF Courses can register for TEF or TEFAQ TEST at CCE Toronto.


Register for TEF Naturalisation/ TEF/TEF-Canada/TEFaQ TEST in Toronto

Examination Center in Toronto

Our location is very convenient and simply accessible in Toronto downtown.
We are located just walking distance to 4 major subway stations.

1- St George station (about 4 minutes walking)
2- The Bay station (about 3 minutes walking)
3- Yonge/Bloor station (about 7 minutes walking)
4- Museum station (about 3 minutes walking)

180 Bloor St W, suite #1102

The TEF Canada consists of 4 modules: (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
* Compréhension écrite (reading): 60 minutes ( 50 questions – 300 points)
* Compréhension orale (listening): 40 minutes ( 60 questions – 360 points)
* Expression écrite (writing): 60 minutes ( 2 topics – 450 points)
* Expression orale (speaking): 15 minutes ( 2 topics – 450 points)

-- The results will be sent about 6 to 8 weeks after the exam date.
-- Candidates may take the test several times, but a minimum of 60 days must be between the two exams.
-- Late arrival will not be allowed in the exam room once the test has started.
-- Demand for cancellation of registration must not be less than 28 days prior to the test date.
-- There will be deduction on the cancellation.

1) e-TEF CANADA:4 skills price - Frais d’examen:

Compréhension Orale (Listening) = $125.00 CAD
Expression Orale (Speaking)= $125.00 CAD
Compréhension Écrite (Reading)= $80.00 CAD
Expression Écrite (Writing) = $80.00 CAD

2) e-TEFAQ: Frais d'examen
Compréhension orale = $125.00
Expression orale = $125.00
Compréhension écrite = $80.00
Expression écrite = $80.00

Frais d’examen:
Compréhension Orale = $125.00 CAD
Expression Orale = $125.00 CAD

4) e-TEF:
Frais d’examen:

e-TEF épreuves obligatoires (QCM):
Compréhension Écrite, Compréhension Orale, Lexique et structure = $290.00 CAD

e-TEF épreuves facultatives:
Expression Écrite: = $100.00 CAD
Expression Orale: = $140.00 CAD

Test dates:

17 février 2018 8 février 2018
17 février 2018 8 février 2018
16 mars 2018 8 mars 2018
17 mars 2018 9 mars 2018
27 avril 2018 20 avril 2018
28 avril 2018 21 avril 2018
1er juin 2018 25 mai 2018
2 juin 2018 26 mai 2018
13 juillet 2018 6 juillet 2018
14 juillet 2018 7 juillet 2018
21 septembre 2018 14 septembre 2018
22 septembre 2018 15 septembre 2018
19 octobre 2018 12 octobre 2018
20 octobre 2018 13 octobre 2018
23 novembre 2018 16 novembre 2018
24 novembre 2018 17 novembre 2018


Candidates may register online by scanning a copy of your valid passport (first page)
fill in the 3 registration pages.

Canada College of Education-Toronto will not provide any immigration advice regarding which parts of the test you should register for. You can register for any skill or skills.

Register for TEF/TEF-Canada /TEFaQ preparation ONLINE
scam, sign page 1 page, email it to

Sign 3 pages and email it to

CCE is an Examination Center for TEF and TEFaQ
We conduct Exam at our center in Toronto


Test d’Évaluation de Français (TEF)

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Tel:. 416-926-0540
180 Bloor St West, suite 1102. Toronto, ON
M5S 2V6

Access from 4 Subway stations:
5 minutes walk from Yonge/Bloor station.
2 minutes walk from Bay station.
2 minutes walk from Museum station.
2 minutes walk from St George station.

Business hours:
Monday to Thursday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm