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TOEFL Preparation Course
The TOEFL Preparation program prepares students for taking the TOEFL iBT exam. It is carefully designed to teach TOEFL, and graduates have been very successful in taking the examination. The program is divided into several modules, starting with the basics of English and progressing to advanced course materials. The TOEFL Program consists of class instruction and recommends that students take a rigorous and disciplined approach to practise in the computer labs.
All language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) will be covered in the program. Classes are scheduled during the day and evening. Fees are listed on the table below.

CCE offers TOEFL program as private lessons.
NO HST taxes
International students are paying the same as Canadian students

The exam result is always high, we provide excellent course materials

Trial Lessons:
The first class will be considered as a trial lesson. If for any reasons the first class (Trial session) does not meet your expectation, you need to notify administration right after the trial lesson ends, NOT a day or days after trial session. In such case we will refund your tuition fee, no question asked.

The price is lowered and the schedule is manageable. Now the TOEFL course is affordable for every budget.

4 WEEKS GUARANTEED PASS or repeat the course free once!

Condition to register for GUARANTEED PASS at LOW FEE:
1- Your English (ESL level) must be at intermediate level or higher.
2- You have to attend all classes with no absent and be on time (Punctual).
3- All assignments and homework must be done on time.

If you do not pass the exam (show the result) and fail to achieve your desire goal (score) then you can repeat the same Package absolutely free of charge once.

In Case of requesting for repeat the course, time limited up to 6 weeks after completion of the TOEFL course AND upon showing the EXAM results.

There might be other schedules that are not listed here. You can call us to find out a suitable schedule.
The $35 nonrefundable registration fee applies (only once) and as long as you are studying at CCE you will never pay registration fee again!

Complete TOEFL Courses (Private Lessons)
12 hours Complete TOEFL Preparation Course (about 4 weeks)
Popular course, No taxes, in class skill test, experienced native instructors
Flexible schedule
20% Discounted
12 hours GUARANTEED PASS or repeat the course for free once! (Avge scores 92)
Flexible schedule
5 hours CRASH course
Flexible schedule
16 hours Complete TOEFL (12 + 4 hours extra writing)
Flexible schedule
20 hours Complete TOEFL (12 + 8 hours extra writing )
Flexible schedule
12 hours Complete TOEFL (Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing) By SKYPE
Flexible schedule
20 hours SUPER GUARANTEED PASS or Repeat the course free once!(4 weeks)
Flexible schedule


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